Franklin, TN

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The official government website for the City of Franklin, TN has lots of helpful information about the city for anyone interested in moving to the area, including local services.


If you are intending to buy property in Franklin, TN the mayor’s office has some helpful information for new residents.


The schools serving Franklin, TN are under the jurisdiction of Franklin Special School District and Williamson County School District.

Local Utilities

For your convenience, we have collated some of the local utility services that you may require if you are relocating to Franklin, TN.

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation : 877-777-9020

ATMOS Energy : 888-286-6700

Water Management Department : 615-794-4554

Sanitation Services : 615-794-1516

AT&T :

HB & TS Utility : 615-794-7796

Mallory Valley Utility District : 615-377-3374

Milcrofton Utility District : 615-794-5947

Healthcare & Emergency Services

Williamson Medical Center : 615-435-5000

Franklin Police Department : 615-794-2512

Franklin Fire Department : 615-791-3270

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